Day152: All You Need is Love

The Soul sign- "The soul is the most impo...

The Soul sign- “The soul is the most important part of a person.” -Bess Ross (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you believe in soul mates?

The short answer is yes. I also believe there are different kinds of soul mate.  Many people have experienced an especially strong and unique bond with an animal. There is a soul mate. The friend who always seems to be there when needed, who shows up for no other reason then to see you smile. That too is a soul mate. Is there just one romantic soul mate for every person? I believe that answer is very personal There are many people who remarry or commit to another partner  when the first dies. It doesn’t mean  they love either person more or less than the other, only that they love each differently. The same be said of people in open relationships. That’s my thoughts on the subject.

Prompt provided by Plinky

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3 thoughts on “Day152: All You Need is Love

  1. I think that a person can have more than one soul mate, most definitely. Like you said, you can love each person differently, not love one more or less than the other.

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