this post is a few days late but here goes

I decided a few days ago to blog about friendship but wasn't sure what to say about it.  It is a fac that times are leaner no than they have been in quite a while no matter where you live.  People are experiencing hardships they never expected to.  Sometimes it feels like the very ground... Continue Reading →

something bright in the cold winter gray

On a cold day in November I found that which I will treasure.  The sky was a bright bright blue, bluer than ice.  The sunlight that day was weak and almost sheepish in its light, still I had thought to go for a walk.  The snow crunched under my feet like powdered diamonds.  The trees... Continue Reading →


The weather doesn't look promising.    It was only forty five degrees today and the sun is going down now. It has been threatening to snow all day and as the sun's last rays paint the sky deepest purple the first flake skitters across her cheek.    She draws her knees up to her chin... Continue Reading →


Words are the building blocks of Story.   The words put into a character's mouth shape the reader's perception of him or her.   An author would employ a different vocabulary and manner of speaking when writing the character of a male military officer then they would if writing a female civillian.  They are different people dealing... Continue Reading →

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