Letters:an introduction to a series

Even in this world of instant messages, cell phone text messages, and email sent in the blink of an eye nothing beats a good old fashioned  pen and ink letter. So what is it that makes a handwritten letter special and unique? Over the next few weeks  I intend to try to address that question with answers taken from an informal survey which I’m conducting.

For my part I think letters are windows into the soul. Typed letters simply don’t have the same feel. Handwriting somehow makes the person who wrote it more immediate and solid to the person reading it.  If handwriting is as distinctive as fingerprints then letters are like two people standing  on opposite sides of a window with one hand pressed to the glass in the exact same spot, almost able to touch except for the seemingly minute distance which separates them.

Now I do not mean to imply that typed letters can’t have that same effect, it’s just a bit different.  I have felt almost that same effect and all of my letters have to be typed.  It’s almost as though most people have allowed technology to steal their individuality,sap their creativity away from them. But that is just the opinion of one person


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