and now for something completely different………….

So I said I’d be continuing the essays on letter writing and I will but right now I’m just mad.    Insurance is supposedly meant to help people not go into debt taking care of their families.    So I thought at least. I should know better than to assume that a business has altruistic motives behind anything it does.    Maybe I had too much faith in humanity still, I’m not sure.

I’m sure by now you’re thinking:”What on Earth is this girl talking about?”   I have listened to Public Radio from a very young age and this morning they featured a story which is still sending chills up my spine several hours later.   The reporter was interviewing the families of children diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis who for various reasons were now faced with the specter of having to pay for their child’s life  preserving medications and treatments out of pocket because they no longer qualify for state medical coverage.

One of the children is on the brink of having a feeding tube that she’s had most of her life removed.   Good news, right?    Wrong.   That feeding tube is all that’s keeping her on state insurance, when she loses it her parents will have to pay her medical expenses.   Basically her family is being punished because she’s making progress.   In my mind that is beyond not fair.   The other family has already been removed from the insurance due to the fact that the little girl’s father recently got a raise.  Because of having to pay for her medicine they are behind on their house payments and her dad is working three jobs.   A sympathetic social worker recently told them that the only sure way to be reinstated into the program was if the parents legally seperated and the family was living off the mother’s income alone.

I’m not sure the people in charge of state health care understand something: these children WILL DIE without their medicines. Perhaps they agree with someone who once said of those less fortunate than himself “let them die, it will decrease the surplus population.”    As for myself I have but one thing to say to those who view children as acceptable collateral damage; may you live in interesting times


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