this post is a few days late but here goes

I decided a few days ago to blog about friendship but wasn’t sure what to say about it.  It is a fac that times are leaner no than they have been in quite a while no matter where you live.  People are experiencing hardships they never expected to.  Sometimes it feels like the very ground under your feet is no longer stable, and I know from experience that going through things like this can feel very isolating and frightening.  Sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with my family last night a thought struck me, in times of uncertainty it is easy to withdraw into oneself but as a friend of mine told me recently, “a problem shared is a problem halved.”

Hold tight to your friendships in uncertain times no matter the distance between you.  Friendship is the glue that keeps sanity intact, and sometimes, it’s the only good thing anybody has got going for them.  Friendship is the warm blanket we wrap around ourselves amidst the bitter coldness that life sometimes throws our way.

As the ink of my proverbial pen dries I say one last thing: keep in contact with those you call friend, losing a frien is losing a part of yourself.


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