thought on the holidays

Recently I heard on the radio that a Wal-Mart employee had died in the Black Friday rush.    At a time of year that is supposed to bring out the best in people Black Friday seems to bring out the absolute worst.   People have been telling me for years that my family is different but I didn’t realize just how different we may seem until after that radio report.   For instance we have rarely been shopping on Black Friday.  I knew what it was like to wake up on Christmas morning and be slightly disappointed.  I remember one instance not too long ago when I finally received some thing that I had been asking for for three years.  It seems that most parents nowadays live in dread of disappointing their children even a little.   On more than one  occasion our folks have bought supplies for us to make gifts for our friends and family rather than buying them.   Whatever happened to homemade gifts  being the best kind because of all the thought and care that had to go into making them?   Last year I spent almost 4 hours stringing together beads, something I hate doing, to make my sister a necklace, to which she still thanks me for.

I don’t care what holiday you celebrate, no gift is worth the loss of someone’s life, unless that person by their death give the gift of life to someone else through organ donation etc.    As the holiday season approaches stop and think.  Reflect on the reason for the season, what ever you believe it to be, and remember while standing in those checkout lines that seem to go on forever, that everybody in that store would be missed by somebody somewhere if they weren’t around in the coming year.


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