thoughts on the ties that bind

So I’m sitting here trying to write myself into distraction.  I hate feeling as though my hands are tied behind my back.  I am confronted with the unsettling reality of distance and am forced to wonder at the strength of the ties that can bind two people together in spite of the actual distance that may or may not be between them.  I have  found myself  inextricably connected to someone I would never have expected to be. That which ties us together?  Books,two knives, and a two-page handwritten letter.  That’s not counting the hours of conversation and untold emails back and forth.  It’s less tham two weeks before Christmas and while I’m beyond happy about this (Christmas at my house is crazy, you never know who is going to come in from where)  and yet the one person I’d give anything in the world to see won’t be there  except in my heart. Paper and steel ,tied with a dark blue ribbon  That and a packet of rose seeds that can’t be found in nature.  That is our friendship in a nutshell. Some people will wonder at  our relationship, that’s ok, so do we, everyday. All I know is I’d trade all the presents I might get on the 25th for a hug from him that day.


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