waiting… and everything after that

Some higher being, call it what you will, God, the universe, fate, serendipity etc. has decided to drop one heck of a present into my lap.  In roughly 3 months I will finally get to see one of the people that has so drastically impacted my life over the past half a year.  I know I promised said this would be a writer’s blog and a whole lot less of a personal one and so shall it be.  my whole life I have felt as though I have been waiting on life to start even after I left for school. Everyone has those events in life that they use to mark time with, life before or after college, their firstborn child etc. .  I have no idea why I get the feeling that meeting him is going to be one of those but I do. Lately I have felt change approaching on almost silent feet.  It used to scare me to no end.  I’m not afraid anymore.  If change came on almost silent feet this friendship appeared out of the blue, a lot of things in my life have been unstable of late but one thing I know for sure a lot of things I would change but not that, that is one of the very few things I would not change for the world even had I the opportunity.  It’s confusing and frustrating and there are days that I don’t know what the hell to do with the emotions involved (like today) but for all that I wouldn’t even think about changing it, not one bit, not for the world. Silly as it may sound part of me feel like I’m going to be holding my breath until April gets here. This is an odd feeling for me because I don’t consider myself a particularly fatalistic personbut I’m pretty sure this was meant to happen for whatever reason or another.



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