broken hearted boy

I am the poorest choice for a bard there ever was for when pressed to perform my tongue is clumsy and has no flair.

Someone once said that he had lived his whole life just outside of Heaven’s Gate.

For the doctors said a broken heart was his inevitable fate.

When Charon comes calling, expecting his fee, no one his approach would see.

The rain transformed the roads into a glistening sea that day when Charon collected his pay.

His car was broadsided by a truck and flipped like a piece of driftwood or so I hear tell.

To the pavement he fell.

For a boy with a broken heart he fought hard to stay but Charonis n nothing if not insistent about his pay and would have no exceptions that day.

A quiet boy with mended heart sits at Heaven’s Gate his friends and family to await.

In memory of Paul Joseph Holloway Beech Senior High School class of 2003 1985 — June 6, 2002

R.E.K. January 22, 2009


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