to her Shadow

My Knight of smoke and Shadow, an unlikely pair are we.

What is to become of you and me?

Wrists bound with the barely whispered secrets of the heart stretched between us in threads of gossamer blue.

What will happen to me and you?

One would think these threads would break as fragile as they seem, but such I suppose is the mystery of you and me.

The blue cloth, tied to my left wrist, overlays scars, though not of the flesh.  Scars of the heart made manifest.

We dance on either side of a line, occasionally meeting in each other’s arms for a brief span of time, soon to think better of it everywhere except in dreams.

What will happen to you and me?

Easier it may seem and better for us to cut the ties between but bitter tears did I weep when we tried.

My heart cries, what is to become of you and me?

If you walk on my left, confusion is the ever present companion of my right hand. the ties that bind us thin as spiders silk and yet tighter than iron bands around our wrists.

What it is to become of us I know not but to untie that which binds us completely would harm more than aid.  So even though the cloth stretched between us is seeded with shards of glass makes us bleed blue,

My Knight of Smoke and Shadow I’d rather bleed a little blue than completely lose you.

My Knight of Smoke, Shadow, and Dreamscape… what will become of me and you?


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