statements made over tea

As light pours through a window the young woman carefully picks up her still warm cup of tea.  In between heartbeats and reminding herself not to spill the tea, she smiled.  Not so long ago the man who sat across the table from her had made an observation that some relationships did not seem to last the length of time it took for a cup of tea to lose its warmth.  She reflectedthat the bond between them was almost beyond definition to everyone, even themselves to two people who should have been best able to explain it.  Not even the sentiments of Anne Shirley of Green Gables fame with her notions of “kindred spirits” could explain it adequately.  Carefully she sat her cup aside and said something which she had on  more than one occasion said to him but which she often found needful to repeat. ” If you fear that you have been,  or will ever be a disappointment to me, don’t.  I’m well aware that you are a human and have no delusions otherwise.  Friend of my soul, companion of my heart, we all have our frailties.  I know this better than most.  Hear me now, and listen with your heart as well as your ears.

There is no chance that you could ever disappoint me, not now nor in the life to come.  You have done nothing except be kind and sweet to me, where shall I find something to be disappointed about?  I could not ask for a more thoughtful friend or sweetheart.  Someone once said that love  gives us the ability to see the imperfect person perfectly, in short to love someone in spite, and perhaps because of, their flaws.  And when you worry that you will not meet my expectations know this: my only expectation is that you be you, and if means being quietly nervous etc. so be won’t change a thing, I love you anyway.



The wind blows gently through the trees and a car crunches gravel underneath its tires.  Despite the brightness of the day the air seemed to crackle with barely suppressed energy, reminiscent of the way the air feels before a thunderstorm.  The car door shuts with a small click, immediately drawing the attention of someone who was sitting in the front yard and doing their best to appear as though they had not been looking out or anything at all, much less the car which was now in the driveway and failing miserably.  For a moment time seemed to slow downand everything held its breath.  For a moment she looked caught in a moment of indecision between laughter and tears, decided to forgo choosing and did both.Almost before she realized it she had pushed herself into standing and was hugging the man before her for all she was worth, temporarily oblivious to anybody and anything else.  After a few minutes she said the first intelligible words,”you are real!”