symbols, siblings, and relationships in general

At times it feels as though this symbol permeates every aspect of my life down to the minutest detail.  Because I cannot cook myself my disability dictates that I must eat either when there is someone around who can cook or when premade meals are within easy reach or purchase.  It dictates when I can... Continue Reading →

Birthdays and T-shirts and Keychains

I've been thinking about intangibles again.  My birthday's coming up soon and once again just like at Christmas I'd give back anything given to me for a couple of hogs from a few people. The people that I have come to count among my closest friends will not be there and even though I'm almost... Continue Reading →

scars and changes of perception

Okay I admit I'm writing this ridiculously early in the morning but writing when other people are asleep is nothing new for me.  I have had seven major surgeries in my life thus far and from those 11 scars most of which are still plainly noticeable, or would be if I were not wearing clothes. ... Continue Reading →

I think I came full circle today…..

Before everybody panics and I get several frantic phone calls that is NOT my wrist! Promise! Google image search is wonderful.  That being said it very easily could have been when I was 14.  I remember staring at the broken pieces of a Mason jar which I had deliberately chipped against the concrete table until... Continue Reading →

digital art

"for 72 hourrs I'm more than just a damn chair............... I'm a pretty woman.................. THANK YOU" (in case you can't read the text)

parents: a blog

Since it is the week before Mother's Day it feels appropriate to write this now.  I don't blame you if you inwardly chuckle at the thought of a childless almost 24-year-old writing a blog on the subject.  It is a little humorous but everybody  has parents even if they themselves do not have children, so... Continue Reading →

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