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Since it is the week before Mother’s Day it feels appropriate to write this now.  I don’t blame you if you inwardly chuckle at the thought of a childless almost 24-year-old writing a blog on the subject.  It is a little humorous but everybody  has parents even if they themselves do not have children, so maybe it’s not all tha odd. My own relationship with my folks is by no means  perfect far far from it. My dad drives me crazy because there are times when (it seems to me) he refuses to admit that I’ve grown up.  I love him anyway. I have the best mom in the world I swear.  This woman picked a doctor by his coat lapels amd slammed him aginst a wall when he said in front of my 4 year old self that there was no way I woul ever walk. By the way, he waas wrong. I need help, and it’s not graceful, but I CAN walk. I’ve even learned to waltz.

When I  woke up screaming on an operating table it took four people to keeo my dad from getting back there. they hadn’t done anything to me yet thank goodness so I didn’t wake up bleeding. I found out later that one of the doctors had misjudged  the level of knock out stuff, that’s why I woke up.

Mom drives me nuts too She  would lose her head were it not attached You have to remind her of things mutiple times if you really want them done.  It takes her at least half  an hour for her to leave the house amd most of the clocks are set fast so she gets places on time. Despite these things, she will always be 10 feet tall and Mommy Mountain to me. Shes’s done something  I couldn’t imagine, she helped raise me.

Even bad parents are good ones in a way.If a child can find a way to survive their parents can provide a prime example of exist traits and habits NOT to pick up.

This Mother’s Day remember to apprciate your parents, good or bad. If they did nothing else right, YOU exist, and that’s definately a good thing!


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