I think I came full circle today…..

broken-glassBefore everybody panics and I get several frantic phone calls that is NOT my wrist! Promise! Google image search is wonderful.  That being said it very easily could have been when I was 14.  I remember staring at the broken pieces of a Mason jar which I had deliberately chipped against the concrete table until two small pieces lay on the tabletop.  The light sparkled on the jagged edges very prettily and I remember thinking that it was kind of sad that I would miss seeing the sunshine through my homemade stained-glass, stained with my blood of course.  Fortunately right then my cousin and his best friend came up. I passed off the broken jar as yet another example of my stellar lack of coordination and life continued.

It has been several years since that day and while I’m refused to say thatI am “cured” of all my mental issues (because I’m not) I will say I’m much better than I used to be.

Today I gave the number to  a suicide prevention line to help someone  I will never meet so thay he doesn’t  have to watch someone he loves die. Ten years ago as my cousin threw away a broken jar, I wondered if there would be a reason for me ro be glad I hadn’t gone through with it. Thankfully there have been several. T0day, or rather yesterday by the time this is published,May 6, 2009, was one of the best. Ten years from the day I ALMOST killed myself, I can see the ripples from the  choice I DIDN’T make  getting bigger, amd yes I am glad.

1-800-SUICIDE Please….if you need to….use it.


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