Love, Loyalty, Friendship, early a.m. vigils, cross state and overseas phone calls

Solo claddaghSo I’m once again up obscenely early. I was sick as a dog Saturday night/ Sunday morning. As well as losing every bit of food I had eaten in the past six hours I was reminded of what friendship and love really are.  Friendship is staying up with someone when they’re sick despite over 400 miles between you two and telling her you’d be there to help her clean up(which causes to her giggle and feel loved because she can think of at least 100 yucky things you’d rather do than that) and she knows without a doubt that you would. Love is still calling said girl Princess even when she feels more like the lowest scullery maid after being sick that long. By the way, love was the answering smile you couldn’t see, because she knew she’d always be your Princess no matter how sick or wore out she she ever got.

Loyalty. I scared the life out of folks a couple of people and came face to face with the kind if loyalty that appears to missing in the world nowadays.   Wake me up at 2 a.m., tell me you need me and I’ll be there, regardless of speed limit etc. loyalty.  I now now to make an overseas phone call (yay for new skills) and will eventually memorize that and a Texas area code.No, Texas did not regain independence I promise I’m talking about two different  people folks

Now to explain the ring  Since I started putting pictures in these things I thought it would br good for this considering the symbolism of the pattern. The crown is Loyalty,the hands, Friendship, the heart Love. See it does fit. I’ve had several over the years, including one with an emerald green heart (my birthstone or at least glass colored to resemble it). I’ve kept one since I was fifteen to remind me of whats really important in life. I don’t have one right now though. Lost jewelery is often a consequence  of having doll like hands and jewelers not carrying the right size to begin with. The picture is actually the one i I want to replace the last one I lost with . Yes there is a reason why I would like that one in particular


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