Birthdays and T-shirts and Keychains

I’ve been thinking about intangibles again.  My birthday’s coming up soon and once again just like at Christmas I’d give back anything given to me for a couple of hogs from a few people. The people that I have come to count among my closest friends will not be there and even though I’m almost certain to have a good birthday something will be missing without them there.What I wouldn’t give to be picked on about the fact that I make tea in a microwave instead of a kettle and actually be able to hug the person who said it. Same thing with being teased about putting sugar in tea. I know  I’m never going to win those arguments, nor do I really want to. But I wish they could be here with everything I  am, I really do. Since they can’t be here, I will wear my rise of blue and hold tight to a small big cat.


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