friendship and Simon and Garfunkel… yes they are related

Recently my sister commented on the fact that despite the fact that it is some times difficult for me to talk to people (and it seems to be equally difficult for them to talk to me) apparently when I do make friends the strength of of the minority of those bonds often surprises people, myself... Continue Reading →

thoughts on physical contact

Lately I've been thinking about the basic human need for physical contact and I'm not just talking sex here, though I  heartily agree that's a very good thing. It has been proven that babies and small children need to be held and hugged etc. to thrive. Most people will say "duh", most people understand that... Continue Reading →

things I miss…

1 Having 17 people sleeping in our house(not counting the people who live there)A thing of the past since my  sister left high school and all of us grew up and scattered. 2  Living in a place where the ice cream man drove down MY street, REGULARLY. 3 My Great Uncle Charlie, even if he... Continue Reading →

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