friendship and Simon and Garfunkel… yes they are related

Recently my sister commented on the fact that despite the fact that it is some times difficult for me to talk to people (and it seems to be equally difficult for them to talk to me) apparently when I do make friends the strength of of the minority of those bonds often surprises people, myself included.  My sleeping habits have been the topic of quite a few (for the most part friendly) discussions within my family.  Due to the fact that several of my friends live in vastly different time zones from me and in several different countries besides the US , or if they’re relatively local I only get to talk to them a few times a week due to things that neither one of us can control.  When I do see them I make the most the time I get. this has been known to cause more than a little consternation  at home as I am still physically dependent on others in order to get to bed.Regardless of this I refuse to change my habits.As previously stated I seem to attract all manner of people who might not otherwise be said to have anything in common,well almost nothing in much you count the fact that almost every one of them if you asked of them will probably tell you that I’m one of the best things since sliced bread.  I know this and actually kind of shocking and very much appreciated.  In my life I had received relatively few pieces of personal mail which I will allow is now becoming the rule rather than the exception for most people but it’s nice to get mail occasionally now.  Simon and Garfunkel had it right friendship is meant to be a bridge over troubled water and it is a priceless and rare person indeed he is willing to stand in the middle of that bridge when you’re happy and be happy with you as well as when your life gets shaken up like a soda pop bottle and that bridge seems to be the only stable thing you have in this world, and you feel like you’ve cried long enoug to make it necessary to rebuild Noah’s Ark at least twice.  For as a rare and I know this kind of person is I have somehow meet several.  Whatever their perception of forever is ,know that I will be grateful or the friendships I have long after forever is said and done with.


thoughts on physical contact

holding hands Lately I’ve been thinking about the basic human need for physical contact and I’m not just talking sex here, though I  heartily agree that’s a very good thing. It has been proven that babies and small children need to be held and hugged etc. to thrive. Most people will say “duh”, most people understand that humans are tactile creatures on a very basic level. So the question is if most people are aware of this why are they surprised when a person verbally expresses this need? I mean we have no problem when people say “I’m hungry,” but if the same  person said, “I need a hug,” or “please hold  me.” a lot of people might raise an eyebrow. I can say from personal experience that that need does not lessen as a person ages, if anything it intensifies.

Physical contact  is one of the things that validates our right to  view ourselves as the equal of our peers.Don’t believe me? Think of it this way: if you are walking down a hallway (or sidewalk) and a person coming the other direction suddenly crosses to other side to avoid brushing against you  I’m betting you’d feel confused and more than a little hurt. Why? When the other person crossed the hall to avoid even the barest contacts with you, that other person is subtlety denying your equality. To that person you have just been classified “other,lesser”. We’re all guilty of having been the person who crossed to the other side of the hall at some point, you’re lying to yourself if you say otherwise. However just because we’re all guilty of the same thing doesn’t make it any less wrong. I am not a particularly religious person but I believe we are all our brother’s keeper and since we’re all on the same  planet, well that seem like a pretty strong tie to me. Here’s a thought, the next time you see a person on the street carrying a cardboard sign with the word “homeless” (or the like) written across it give the loosr five in your pocket that you weren’t planning on using anyway. And, maybe, if you’re not waiting at a traffic light like my mom and I were, give them a hug, I’m almost sure they’ll appreciate it. It stikes me that especially now we need to look at the misfortunes of others and remember,”there but for the Creator’s grace (which ever one you believe in) am I,” and treat them as you would hope to be treat in their place. Let your actions grant them, even if just for a while, their place within humanity.

things I miss…

1 Having 17 people sleeping in our house(not counting the people who live there)A thing of the past since my  sister left high school and all of us grew up and scattered.

2  Living in a place where the ice cream man drove down MY street, REGULARLY.

3 My Great Uncle Charlie, even if he did look like Bigfoot with a beard.

4 Great Grandma Betty, the Cat Who books were never the same after she died.

5 Being young enough to enjoy animated films without being teased.

6 One April day. Oh yeah miss it like crazy.

7   Being held

8 Having the guts to imitate Evil Knievel , or at least try.