reclaiming my waltz, or learning not to be my own worst enemy

This was not the post I meant to write.  Instead of my original idea which was merely a retelling of the days events bland and commonplace as they were,I am instead confronted with a comparison between two very different but equally unique people.  Namely myself and my younger sister.  I'm the older sibling by two... Continue Reading →

sleep is overrated

A friend of mine in college used to say that sleep was overrated.  I think I'm trying to take a page from her book.  I went to bed at four this morning and cracked my eyes open at six and was up again by 7:30 a.m.In case you're wondering what kept me up so long... Continue Reading →

a resolution kept?… possibly

Shortly before New Year's this year I made a resolution to send my manuscript to a publisher before next New Year's Day. through a long series of events I was reminded that some publishers take partial drafts to review. When I first heard of this particular publisher I did not have enough content that I... Continue Reading →

at least it wasn’t cholera

I probably should have never read The Secret Garden. It definitely did not help to mitigate my childhood worries. In the beginning of the book, the main character, Mary Lennox, an English child living in colonial India wakes up to discover her family  and servants gone, seemingly disappeared. It quickly becomes apparent that her family... Continue Reading →

If fog is memory…….

If fog is memory, something which is a tangible but just barely and all too easily dissipated often burned off by the more immediate heat, just as memory is sometimes pushed to the furthest edges of consciousness by the present moment, love is a spider's web.  Simultaneously strong and indescribably  delicate.  The line between love... Continue Reading →

growing up should be banned

Before people decide to cyber picket my blog in protest of the above statement allow me to clarify.Growing older is inevitable and as a person grows older they should be encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves and the things around them.  Growing up however is an entirely different story.  When wasn't the last time... Continue Reading →

waiting… again… on so many things

It's way past the time most people would have gone to bed, not me.  I'm waiting for my sister to come home.  I'm waiting for my computer to be moved into my own space (which sometimes feels like it will never happen).  I'm waiting on the web site which I just became a contributing writer... Continue Reading →

one foot in front of the other……

I grew up watching the Christmas special Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, with Mickey Rooney playing the voice of Chris Kringle.  Anybody who had seen that remembers at least vaguely Chris's encounter with the Winter Warlock and Winter's question of how to change and the answer he received "just put one foot in front... Continue Reading →

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