confessions of a night owl

sunset-beachI am not a morning person by nature in fact it can be said that I’m something of a night owl much to the consternation of several people.I will admit however during daylight hours or at least before 5 p.m.I do have a distinct sense of marking time waiting for something.  This is due in large part to the that most of the people I know work a regular 9-to-5 job and I don’t, being your typical freeloading writer, smile.I’m just joking, I don’t freeload even though there are reasons why I don’t hold a job right at the moment.

Because of my living situation, which isn’t terrible but at the same time is far less than ideal (my biggest complaint is lack of personal space) I feel like I must scrape together what little I can after everyone else is in bed.I believe I now understand why the biggest magic happens at night in the fairy tales.  Magic is a very mysterious by nature.  Darkness lends itself to mystery. It is easier to suspend disbelief, to put aside the sometimes harsh and chafing conventions of reality that society requires us to follow under the soft twinkling gaze of the stars in a benign summer sky .  Sunrises are beautiful I agree but at times the first rays of the sun can feel as confining as a tightly laced corset.


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