thoughts on the lottery or bonding in a small town gas station… Saturday road trips

Today mom and I went out  to the local spinning Guild meeting.  For those of you who didn’t know my family’s land supports a small flock of crossbred sheep, but that’s another blog post.  On the way there we stopped  at the gas station down the road and since Tennessee has a State lottery mom bought a ticket.  Apparently while the machine was picking the numbers she held out her hand and said nonsense words like  a sleight-of-hand magician and the cashier joined in just for added good luck.So if like that work that ticket has had the double whammy put on it so it really should be good.I didn’t actually see this I was waiting in the passenger seat of the car while she paid but it wasn’t hard to get a giggle out of the retelling.  Well that got me to thinking about the situations in which people can find themselves unexpectedly linked with other people they may not know very well, if at all .If that lottery ticket does turn out to be good I sincerely doubt mom will ever forget that five or 10 minutes spent putting the whammy on the machine or the cashier’s extra help.  Oddly enough though I forget that I’m able to play the lottery myself, I have on more than one occasion helped my friend pick numbers for the Turkish lottery, when he remembers to tell me there’s a drawing coming up.  And yes, if we win he’s promised to split the money.  No dice so far though. It’s unlikely true but when you think  about the odds of winning the lottery in the States, is it REALLY that much different? On the whole there are far worse things to have in common with somebody than a winning lottery ticket.

The next time you get the chance to something silly or  take a risk, maybe you should, you never know when what maybe the longest shot of your life may hit the mark


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