it’s what we do…

Most  people, if you ask them, will tell you that I’m terrible about corresponding even by e-mail.  For the most part they are correct, I am ashamed to admit. That statement applies to almost everyone I know (including family) except for one person.I have been known to type an e-mail with my eyes most of the way shut because my first cup of tea is still in the microwave.  It helps that we’ve been talking long enough that if necessary either one of us can write 90% of the e-mail in acronyms and the other will probably understand it.It’s just what we do We can talk about anything and I’m not exaggerating we have tested this theory multiple times and no one is as shocked as us, but after a second we just shrug our shoulders and continue the conversation because it’s what we do.  He is the last person I talk to at night short of my mom and uncle at least three days a week It is just what we do.  On the rare occasions we don’t talk (or e-mail, whatever) I start to worry.  Even if I have had prior notice that I will not hear from him it still feels strange.  Most people use the term soulmate to mean the person they are married to and it can definitely apply to that person, hopefully it does.  However the word can apply to other people just as easily.  I have always grown up with the idea that that word does not necessarily have to apply to someone’s spouse. It took me until last year to believe it.


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