family and bridging the generation gap


Earlier this week my family received a letter from my second cousin Heidi telling us that my Great Aunt Lois had passed away.The event itself doesn’t effect me much because I never got to meet the lady, all I know is that she was my paternal grandfather’s sister.Cousin Heidi is the linchpin that keeps us all together as a family I think.  She si the family record keeper and chronicler and makes an effort to find everybody she can when someone dies to tell them, even the farthest flung branches of our family tree.  Despite the fact she never met either me or my sister she had both of our e-mail addresses in her address book and is always very prompt about returning e-mail,even to a younger second cousin she has never met (she grew up knowing my dad and his brothers) and despite the difference in age and the fact that we’ve never met it somehow doesn’t seem awkward. It occurred to me recently that one of the children from my generation ought to start keeping copies of the records as well for the generation that come after us.  I find it sad that in this world of instant communication we can lose touch with those bound closest to us and forget those that came before us so easily.  It is only when looking back that we realize how fragile the present is, if only one of our ancestors had done one thing differently our lives could easily be completely different.  Something to think about.


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