waiting… again… on so many things

Pocket-Watches-It’s way past the time most people would have gone to bed, not me.  I’m waiting for my sister to come home.  I’m waiting for my computer to be moved into my own space (which sometimes feels like it will never happen).  I’m waiting on the web site which I just became a contributing writer for to get off the ground.  I am STILL waiting for the book that I’m writing to flow effortlessly out of my brain into a Word document, or if not effortlessly with a little more ease than the song and dance that it has been putting me through lately! COME ON GUYS, WHAT PART OF I HAVE A DEADLINE TO MEET DO YOU NOT GET? Get with the program. (yes I was yelling at my book characters) I’m waiting until I can finish going to the dentist before I start preparations for a trip to Germany in earnest.(Grin) even though he only went to bed shortly before I started writing this since it is now past 12 midnight here I can say that I’m waiting for my morning e-mail from my best friend, who, if he thinks to read this before sending said e-mail will probably smile ear to ear.  Even if he sees it  afterwards he will still smile though to know he is that appreciated.I’m also waiting on the chance to get what has to be one of the best hugs in the world.(Sigh) I know, good things come to those who wait, well I hope in the end it’s REALLY good because this sure feels like an awful long time to wait.


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