growing up should be banned

Fairy_BranchBefore people decide to cyber picket my blog in protest of the above statement allow me to clarify.Growing older is inevitable and as a person grows older they should be encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves and the things around them.  Growing up however is an entirely different story.  When wasn’t the last time you went walking in the rain without an umbrella? No, I don’t advocate doing that in really bad weather (thunder, lightning, freezing cold) but a little rain never hurt most people.  (I believe there is one young lady somewhere in the UK who is allergic to water) I used to play tag across my college campus with my roommate before she decided that it was too undignified for her.I still pester my folks every year to put up Christmas lights, heck I pester other folks too!  I love snow but since we rarely get it with any decent coverage down south  I have resigned myself to mostly brown Christmases. I don’t want snow that lasts almost to the first week of April but snow on Christmas would be nice.

I am 24, bubble wrap is still the best thing invented since sliced bread, thanks to Play Dough anybody can aspire to be the next Michelangelo or Rodin. So you don’t have the time or the money to go back to school and become the next Frank Lloyd Wright, go get yourself an Erector set or a bucket full of Legos and a book with pictures are great architecture to use as inspiration, I bet you’d be surprised at what you could create.So many people as they grow older forget how to play.  When people forget that they lose their imaginations, and when a person loses the ability to imagine anything beyond the immediate present or the immediate circumstances surrounding them at that point their ability to dream dies.  It is that ability to dream, to see the possibility of the world beyond the confines of the immediate present, and that I believe is one of the things that makes us, humans so unique.  Dreams are what propels us down the Road Less Traveled.  Stop and think, that one step that you take toward that barely visible light just around the bend could be a monumental step in someone else’s life, someone you may not have even met yet, someone who may not even be born yet.


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