a resolution kept?… possibly

pen and scrollShortly before New Year’s this year I made a resolution to send my manuscript to a publisher before next New Year’s Day. through a long series of events I was reminded that some publishers take partial drafts to review. When I first heard of this particular publisher I did not have enough content that I was happy with to send in even a partial draft but in the year since I first found it that has changed.  I’m actually glad I didn’t submit anything last year because my writing has grown so much stronger since that point.  In the same two weeks I have been accepted as a contributing writer to a web site (though the webmaster hadn’t gotten it up and running yet it is still in the works) and then I get reminded of the publisher that I had almost forgotten about.  Maybe  it will work out ( in which case I will be ecstatically happy and we will literally throw a party in my family because my grandmother says we have to when I get published and I have never turned down a party yet and don’t plan to store) but if I don’t it is not the end of the world and definitely not the end of my story.  Too many people have taken time and effort to give me honest criticism even knowing I may not necessarily appreciate what they had to say I will not let them down.  But more importantly I won’t let myself down either.  It has taken me 24 years to accept my worth as a human being, having found it I refuse to give even a little bit of it up.


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