sleep is overrated

cliff-divingA friend of mine in college used to say that sleep was overrated.  I think I’m trying to take a page from her book.  I went to bed at four this morning and cracked my eyes open at six and was up again by 7:30 a.m.In case you’re wondering what kept me up so long in the first place I’m trying to finish the last chapter in the partial draft of my novel  that I’m going to send in to be reviewed by a publisher later this week.As I said before I have no expectation that it will be will be well-received.  That is not to say thatI do not have any hope, but it is tempered with the knowledge that I’m not the only aspiring writer ever to exist on the face of the planet and editors are only human.  Does it mean that I will quit writing entirely if this first-person doesn’t like it?  Absolutely not but I do hope that if they say no they would tell me why and offer constructive criticism on how to make the story better for the next person who reads it.  Several people other than my immediate  family have read and liked it so I know it’s got promise, so the only thing I can do is write  the book that I and a few others believe in and hope that someone else takes a leap of faith. I think I know how cliff divimg feels now….close my eyes and step off the edge…maybe I’ll fly.


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