a post of conflicting stuff

Right now I'm not sure what to say.  Yesterday one of my best friends delivered her first child, a healthy baby girl. Since my friend is not even 5 feet tall and has cerebral palsy she had to have a Caesarean section so it is especially nice that her daughter is doing well.  On that... Continue Reading →

John Lennon was right

I think it was John Lennon who wrote"life is what happens while your busy making other plans."  A truer word was never written or sung. We found out this Friday that my mom has breast cancer. Actually two different kinds on the same side. Yes it can be treated and it's by no means a... Continue Reading →

chess and Shotokan

Yes I am quite aware that those two words only sound slightly better in that same sentence as Shakespeare and tattoos but is before it will make sense shortly. I used to play chess very well, I still play chess but now very badly. In fact the only reason I play now is to spend... Continue Reading →

a worry, a dream, a story

I should never have opened those shoe boxes. Three of them filled with stacks of letters, five or six to each stack each group held together by a rubber band.They say curiosity will kill you, sometimes though it just makes you wish you were dead. Sometimes it punctures the heart as surely as the sharpest... Continue Reading →

no tapping out allowed

I went to see a tattoo artist that a friend recommended and saw an interesting sign in the window.  Written on a piece of cardboard with magic marker were the words "no tapping out allowed" tapping out is a boxing reference referring to the fact that if a fighter is pinned down they can tap... Continue Reading →

tattoos and Shakespeare

Yes I know those two words sound odd together but bear with me.  Shakespeare is responsible via Hamlet for the saying "to thine own self be true", and that's what I've been trying to do for a while now. I have for the most part accepted that not everyone is going to appreciate the decisions... Continue Reading →

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