if tomorrow…

grandfather clockwas your last day…what would you do if you knew, down to the exact hour,how many tomorrows you had? How would you spend it? Who would you go the extra mile to say goodbye to and why?  How is a good question as well.  Don’t worry I’m not planning on doing anything drastic.It’s just that I’ve had a few conversations with my 71 year old grandmother that got me to thinking about this stuff. In case your wondering I actually have made my own list, and excluding family, which are given for most people to want to say goodbye to it comes out  to an even dozen people.  I haven’t exactly figured out the “how” part of the question yet because it would have to be something different for each person, and it’s going to take longer to figure out.  But I do know who and why.

My grandmother deserves credit for this question too.  If you died tomorrow would you be content with the knowledge of the life you’ve lived up until now.  You know, if someone had asked me that question last year I would’ve had to say no.  That was then, this is now.  In the past year I have stood up for something I believe in, helped people perfect a skill, smiled all day  and laughed myself out of a chair.  I have stood in one spot and felt time stop.  I have met people that my children (or my nieces and nephews or friends children) will probably hear stories about at some point in their lives..  I have had a unique opportunity to see both the bad and good side of the human race and I would like to believe, and will continue to do so, that I have seen far more good than bad.  So if I died tomorrow would I regret my life?  The answer thankfully, is no. I wonder, how many people can say that at the age of  24?


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