no tapping out allowed

I went to see a tattoo artist that a friend recommended and saw an interesting sign in the window.  Written on a piece of cardboard with magic marker were the words “no tapping out allowed” tapping out is a boxing reference referring to the fact that if a fighter is pinned down they can tap on the mat as a nonverbal signal of forfeit. In other words, once they get started you can’t back out.  It was meant to remind people that this is not something to be taken lightly.  You can’t walk out halfway through.  It’s going to hurt, I have no delusions that it won’t but I will get it done.I wonder how many people wouldn’t react differently to things that happened to them if they had a sign like that in plain sight if the option of running away is no longer an option the only thing left is courage…courage is being afraid of something and facing anyway,  nothing more or less.  I wonder how many lives would be different if they had taped up somewhere where they see it every day?Who knows?Something to think about from an unlikely source.  I had a flashback to Bruce Almighty and the guy carrying around a piece of cardboard and the phrase changes every time you see it… this phrase should have been included as well.


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