spiral-bound journals and sepia toned photographs, when tomorrow becomes yesterday and travel without going much of anywhere

sepia tone Eiffel TowerI was looking at the journal I bought as a present for my friend and I started thinking.  The journal itself is spiral-bound navy blue with faux suede leather covering the spine and a sepia tone photograph of the Eiffel Tower on the front. The Eiffel Tower was never meant to be a permanent part of the French skyline.  It would actually built as a structure commemorating the century after the French Revolution and unveiled at the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris as a temporary structure.  it’s still there.Something that was supposed to last  less than a month still has people visiting it 200 years later.  The World’s Fair is known for causing people to wonder what tomorrow will bring.  For the young tomorrow is always more promising than today and for the older generations tomorrow has become yesterday too fast

Scattered throughout the journal are quotes about travel.  Even if you never step foot out of the county you were born in I still say you have traveled farther then you’d think.  Are you the exact same person  today that you were 15 years ago?  No, because even if your life is fairly uneventful things have happened.  Maybe somebody moved away, maybe you changed jobs or made a new friend.  Maybe all you did was read a book that caused you to think in a way you never had before, guess what you are no longer the same person you were five minutes before.  You have moved forward on the road of your life and left behind a memory of the person you had been to mark your passage.  You may not even have to leave your house.  When the Tower was first conceived people laughed, now it is one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. Dreams which seem folly today may change the world tomorrow.  I bet most people at some point in their lives have had their own Eiffel Tower.  The one dream that seems so unreachable and unlikely that it seems almost impossible.  If memory leaves behind an impressive of the person you were, like a heat wave mirage off asphalt dreams cast shadows of the person you may be just around the corner if you have the courage to continue the journey.  Maybe that dream wasn’t so crazy after all.  Maybe just maybe it will change how one person sees things and you, because of one crazy idea have helped to change the world.


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