be there

The past few months have taught me a lot about heroism, and I don’t mean the kind you see in movies. These  past  few months have sucked royal, trust me.  Being a hero is rarely putting oneself in harms way.  Sometimes all it takes to be a hero is a handmade card and a pair of contacts.  It’s when someone  an ocean away tells you it will be ok  in spite of everything going to hell.and now because he’s said it so often you’re beginning to think it actually will be. Heroics is going to bed and waking up because of insomnia to discover a friend’s father went to the emergency  room and staying up with them until nearly 4a.m. to make sure they’re ok when you have to be at work in a few hours time. It’s explaining medical terminology  from three states away and never telling the person  you’re explaining it to that they’re overreacting to the situation even though they were.  It’s taking two minutes to say hi even though you live on separate hemispheres of the planet because you know someone over there is having a rough week.  It’s caring enough to start a friendship with someone your boyfriend knows after he left for the army so that they didn’t worry as much and to make sure they knew that despite obligations they were still loved and not in any way , shape, or form abandoned. Thank you for being there..


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