Christmas and the things that really count

To say that this year, especially the last six months or so have been interesting is perhaps one of the biggest understatements can possibly think of. I am the first to admit that I could have done without half the things that happened this year. I have felt  as though I were caged and bound, unable to affect anything that went on around me. I don’t go out nearly as often as I would like and most of the time it drives me crazy but I’ve learned a few things in my period of being stuck. For some reason  when you’re waiting on a specific day to get here it helps to have someone waiting with you. Tattoos are far from comfortable to get but if there is a special memory attached the smile that comes afterwards is well worth the initial discomfort.  It only takes a split second to realize just how important somebody in your life,and it is usually the split-second in which we are most afraid to lose them that we realize this.  This year I have lost dear friends and seen hearts break in the space of time it takes me to blink.Sometimes it is enough to know would hold your hand and let you cry for as long as you need to even if distance prevents them from doing so and never make you feel bad even if you cry in their ear for an hour and a half or more and make absolutely no sense.  I used Christmas because it is December but the same can be said of any holiday  They are not about things you have (or shouldn’t be)  they are about to people  in your life.


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