In Memory…

Christmas is a time for celebrating, let it is also be a time to remember.  I would like to remember a man who oddly enough I never met and who was taken from his friends far sooner than they would have liked.As I said before I did not have the privilege of knowing Alan Ferrazza a fact for which I am genuinely sorry. I do however know one of his good friends and because of this that I know I have missed out.Chris is one of the best people I’ve met and so I make the conclusion that I would have probably liked Alan very much if I had had the opportunity to meet him.  And so I grieve  for a friend who hurts me because one part of himself is changed forever and maybe just a little bit for myself but not for death. For myself that I had known him.  Failing that I can only hope that my words help those left behind to heal a little more.


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