So this is Christmas…

Okay so 12:45 a.m. on Christmas eve but that’s close enough. Somewhere there is a song which contains the lyrics… “and so this is Christmas, and what have you done?  Another year over and a new one just begun.”At least those are the lyrics unless my brain is being super uncooperative due to the early hour, however those are fairly close. Someone once said that doing what was right was not always the same as doing what was easy.  These past several months have thrown that fact into the sharpest relief possible for me. This past year has been hard on everyone and my family is by no means an exception.Because of fairly recent events I have had to provide a fair amount of my family’s financial support.  I love my family  anyone who knows me will tell you that, but the situations we have been forced into have been downright scary at points and knowing that a large portion of the responsibility for keeping us afloat lists on my shoulders is a little bit daunting to say the least and very unwelcome. While in the military my mother learned a phrase that I grew to dislike vehemently, first as a child then as a teenager.  “Suck it up and drive on,” means that even though things may get really bad sometimes in the end all you can do is swallow your anger, hurt, fear etc.and move on because life is going to be unfair and time spent dwelling on that fact is counterproductive.  You do what you have to do and move on.  I’m not saying that this is easy  by any means and and I have vented my frustrations to other people numerous times believe me.  They’re most likely truly sick of it by now.  When push comes to shove however things are taken care of one way or another. A character from one of my favorite movies always said no matter what happened in the story that everything would be all right, when asked how the particular situation would end his reply was always, “I don’t know, it’s a mystery.”  Guess what?  He was right.  No matter the darkness you travel through there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how far away it seems right now.  I have been reminded recently that in Christmas there is always hope even though it may seem to be only the tiniest of threads it is still there.


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