The End….and a new Beginning

This is it. Today is the last day of 2009.  Another year for the history books I suppose.  Children were born, people died,Cheezits were eaten.  Life continued despite job layoffs, major and minor catastrophes.In times of greatest distress it is sometimes hard to believe that time will continue on its inexorable march forward.  There are points in our lives when we believe that time  should stand still and take notice that our lives are forever changed. Perhaps it is better than it does not,for if time did freeze when someone died or went through divorce or some similar emotional catastrophe than those left behind would never heal. The wound would always be raw and fresh because it is the things like cleaning a closet out that help even though it may not seem like it at first.  The amazing thing the people discover after doing something like that is that the pain that they feel is lessened if only by the smallest of increments and may be replaced by a little bit of happiness if the thought happens to occur to them that because they cleaned out the closet someone who needs it may now have a serviceable coat to keep warm with, and in this sad ending may find themselves standing at the edge of a new beginning.  Somewhere it has been said, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present.  On the edgeof this new beginning remember that “this too shall pass.”  If you need to say something to a particular person and haven’t yet for what ever reason or another find them and say it even though you may be a little worried about how they will react.  I know from experience that the biggest regrets you will ever have in life will be the list of things you never said to someone because you thought you had more time. Trust me, even at the age of 24 I can tell you that it slips  away faster then you could ever think possible.


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