There are few web sites that I visit multiple times in a day.  As a matter of fact there is only one that I can think of , it is a site called a sister site to .  Postsecret was started by a man named Frank who invited people to send him their... Continue Reading →

on being an unrepentant heathen (insert smile here)

I was given a tattoo as a Christmas present, which means I have a grand total of two.  One is right underneath the other one somehow my grandmother has missed seeing the second one for the past month and a half. She saw it yesterday.I now have the distinct impression that she believes me  to... Continue Reading →

balancing act

So I'm six months from 25 and I have to wonder what good it's done, my life.  My family is so accepting of death as a part of life I wonder if the lack of my presence would make much of a difference to them.  I'm not about to go do anything drastic don't worry... Continue Reading →

photographic evidence

Photographs serve as place markers in our memories.  Whether we like to admit it to ourselves as we get older our memories blur at the edges and run together a person's whole life resembles something like an impressionist painting, with only the vague colors, shapes, and smallest suggestions of the things that they truly were. ... Continue Reading →

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