balancing act

So I’m six months from 25 and I have to wonder what good it’s done, my life.  My family is so accepting of death as a part of life I wonder if the lack of my presence would make much of a difference to them.  I’m not about to go do anything drastic don’t worry I have bound myself by word of honor not to. Even if I were so inclined I have already been told that I would be forcibly drug back from the afterlife if I try to leave early.  When you take a sociology course you are introduced to the idea that a person assumes different roles for themselves depending on the context of a given situation.  One person can be friend, coworker, parent, spouse, sibling,son or daughter all within the same day.  This is what Shakespeare meant when he said, “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.”  So then who am I?  When all else is stripped from me because I did not choose it,what remains?  I am when everything is said and done, a blue Rose girl, Cariad, and Mouse.  Everything else is secondary.  If life is a balancing act between the roles I play, than those three things are my center of gravity.


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