on being an unrepentant heathen (insert smile here)

I was given a tattoo as a Christmas present, which means I have a grand total of two.  One is right underneath the other one somehow my grandmother has missed seeing the second one for the past month and a half. She saw it yesterday.I now have the distinct impression that she believes me  to be a doomed heathen.  I knows she will never stopped loving me but I also know that  I have lost some of her respect because of the art work permanently inscribed on my arm.  I cannot change her opinion, it’s pointless to try but it does make me sad. Whether she realizes it or not I am not sure what my grandmother has a tendency to view people with tattoos as people looking  to start trouble.  Fortunately she usually has the tact not to say so in front of someone’s face.  I definitely do not intend to have as many tattoos as some people I have seen who don’t have an inch of unmarked skin but these probably won’t be my last two.  So far I have managed to bite my tongue when my grandma gets on her soapbox about tattoos.  One of these days however full I expect to reach the end of my rope and tell her that some of the people she has automatically classified as thugs have treated me in a more Christian manner then any of the people my own age I met going to church with her on a regular basis. So if I’m lumped together with people  whose only transgression is that they have a more hands-on appreciation of art than some people then I would rather be a heathen any day of the week.


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