There are few web sites that I visit multiple times in a day.  As a matter of fact there is only one that I can think of , it is a site called a sister site to .  Postsecret was started by a man named Frank who invited people to send him their secrets anonymously on the backs of postcards. Since then he has received thousands of secrets and has published some of them in the form of books.  I think there’s at least six books now.Some of the secrets are funny,some are happy but a great number are heart wrenching and sad.Reading these is an experience which is difficult to put into words.  Some secrets make me cringe internally and thank what ever God there may be that I’m not the one facing that situation.  I never click the back button though, I never pull away from the awful , ugly truths I find.  If a person can be brave enough to share one of their deepest secrets with people they don’t know,than I will read it and bear silent witness, acknowledge their strength and determination. Even though they may never know I always tell that person “someone heard, I heard you, I care.” When I read funny ones I hope they know that somewhere someone is laughing with them.  There are quite a few posts that have made me applaud, in some cases because the sender escaped an abusive relationship,or finally learned to like themselves, or exceeded everyone’s expectations, sometimes even their own.  Reading the secrets is sometimes like rifling through someone’s closet when they’re not at home, you never know what your going to find and since they are not there to explain the stories behind the things you find your brain is left to conjecture.  Some people may view me as slightly voyeuristic because I read these.  In the end we are all human and we’ll all need to be heard by someone. This is an oversimplification of situations I realize, but I wonder how many awful things would have turned out different if just one person had bothered to “listen” to someone rather than hearing the words their mouth says.


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