my sister

My baby sister graduates college in four weeks….wow I stand in amazement at the young woman she has is…..the woman I hope I helped her in some way to become. Recently one of my cousins from our dad’s generation turned forty and my cousin Heidi who I think in some ways is the glue that keeps  my dad’s family together had several members of the family write down all the things they like about my cousin and I  thought  it was awesome.

  • I love her courage and tenacity  She’s known for a long time what she wanted and has chased it fearlessly.
  • I love her laugh It’s wonderful.  So are the crazy dances  she does just to make me laugh.
  • I love the way she puts real thought into the gifts she gives  no matter how small.
  • I love her relationship with my Uncle Dan ….. its a joy to see.
  • I love that she appreciates old things Old movies,  vintage clothing and older people