I think I  have an idea of what Rapunzel must have gone through trapped in that dismal tower with only a single window to see out of. Well if she felt anything close to how I feel  it was  bleak. Remember, you are quick to say, a prince came on a white horse to rescue her! Firs of all it was most probably NOT a white horse he rode up on because, from a genetic standpoint true white horses are somewhat of a challenge to get. Secondly, the Brothers Grimm were around long before Walt Disney. In their version Rapunzel’s adoptive mother discovers the prince is visiting and flies into a terrible rage. She cuts off Rapunzel’s hair and banishes her to an even more remote tower in the desert. The witch stays behind to  exact her revenge on the prince and the next time the prince entreats his love to let down her hair he finds the witch waiting instead of her.The witch tries to kill him and instead gets impaled on the very things she used to cut  Rapunzel’s hair.  The last thing she does before she dies is to untie the braid from the hook in the window which sends the prince crashing down into a thorn bush. The prince survives the fall but is blinded by the thorns. He wanders the earth in despair  for seven years until one day her hears Rapunzel singing from her tower, they are reunited and his eyesight restored when her tears fall on his eyes   A happy ending true but not without trials.  I just hope my happy ending is soon.


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