the idea of reinvention, or what people and butterflies have in common

People and butterflies have a lot in common  I suspect that if a person were to meet the child or adolescent that they once were on the street neither person would recognize the other.  Humans experience just as much change within their lives as butterflies. Our ideas and thoughts develop so many nuances during our... Continue Reading →

my continuing annoyance with “equal education”

As I stated in the previous post I am disabled. I'm old enough and cognizant enough to be a fairly autonomous adult, at least that's what I work on people acknowledging, it's a difficult concept for some of  my family to grasp though.Since I  am older now and she has survived raising my mom has... Continue Reading →

why exactly?

There is one organ within the body the even doctors will admit to knowing very little about, the appendix.  Everybody has one or has a scar to mark where it was.  But who ever thought to call it an appendix? For all we know about its function it could have been named anything, epilogue, afterthought,... Continue Reading →


So this is my life. I'm in love with a man and neither one of our lives is as happy as you would think.  Love is a dark alley with glass to walk across with only the faintest  glimmer of light in a distant window and you know that if you can reach that window... Continue Reading →

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