So this is my life. I’m in love with a man and neither one of our lives is as happy as you would think.  Love is a dark alley with glass to walk across with only the faintest  glimmer of light in a distant window and you know that if you can reach that window all the scrapes,bruises, cuts and scars will have been worth it, if you can just get out of this godforsaken alley.  Someone I know once said that success was often achieved  by having the courage to hang on after everyone else has let go.Love is believing in someone even when everybody, including them, tells you to give up and cut your losses and move on. Guess what? I’m just plain stubborn. Cutting my losses is not an option. I can’t follow you down that dark road but I can let my belief and love for you  be that small steadfast light in the window to guide you back to me. Fight your battles, slay your monsters, come back to me if you’re able. I’m strong enough to wait. Love is not pretty or easy the way its made to be for children’s  books and Disney films. Love is more than just a ring, or words before  clergy, or any other number of symbols.  Love can  be someone’s name whispered in the dark.  You will have that from me  forever A broken hallelujah indeed. You have been my strength, let me return the favor.


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