When at first you don’t succeed

A six-story card castle made from 3 1/2 decks ...
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I have  heard that phrase  so many times I think I’m sick of  it. Perhaps I’m looking at things from the wrong angle though. Yes I just got broken with, and yes some days it hurts worse than a free bleeding knife wound to the gut. But I know it wasn’t my fault . He told me that before he left. I can take comfort in that.  I also take comfort in the knowledge that I still have my best friend.  This man is my rock. In the past three years has seen me through some pretty rough things which involved more emotional upheaval than I care to think about. He is still here so all cannot be lost.  About two weeks before my house of cards decided to tumble something else happened. My mom and I happened to stumble across a newly formed local program whose aim is to teach disabled people how to drive a horse and cart, something I’ve wanted to learn most of my life. Long story short, I’m now fishing for things to occupy my time while I wait for the money to come so I can officially call this beautiful miniature horse mine.  Plus I’m finally getting a  bike I can user after 12 years of wishing for one. So my life is not destroyed, just reordered.


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