so I think I could go crazy some time during the next two weeks…

Learning to walk
Image by Cambodia Trust via Flickr

I am not sure why but I feel like I spend most of my life waiting for things to happen.  I’m not talking about just the relatively large things then everybody waits for, like moving out, or getting a job. I have to wait for even the smallest things to be done.  I can’t decide when I get up on a daily basis.  Because I have cerebral palsy I have a personal care attendant that comes to the house during the week. This is not saying that the schedule is totally inflexible, it’s not, but it is nowhere near choosing to hit the snooze button and rolling over.  I don’t think I would mind waiting for the bigger stuff in life if I didn’t have to wait for the tiny details as well.  I fully expect that by the time everything is said and done I will  have driven  everyone I know thoroughly insane.If you know me I apologize in advance for myself.  It you don’t, just this once be thankful realized that not everyone reads this blog knows much about me beyond what I choose to write here.  I have recently discovered a nifty program that WordPress  has begun supporting which looks up related pictures and articles based on the text of the entry.  Therefore, for anybody interested, I leave you with an article on cerebral palsy found through Wikipedia. Just in case you’re wondering, the picture was captured with the search engine as well, it’s not anyone I know personally.


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