why exactly?

Acute Appendicitis An exemplary case of acute ...
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There is one organ within the body the even doctors will admit to knowing very little about, the appendix.  Everybody has one or has a scar to mark where it was.  But who ever thought to call it an appendix? For all we know about its function it could have been named anything, epilogue, afterthought, addendum, endnote. Somehow it does not seen fair that an organ which we know so relatively little of can kill us.  Maybe that is why some now  obscure medical professional chose to label this biological Gonzo of an organ an appendix, if it had been named anything else people might not have taken the potential danger it can  pose them seriously.  So the appendix may its official debut  in medical terminology.  At least that’s the closest explanation I have come across to explain the unexplainable. I bet you never thought you would see a picture of an appendix and a reference to a Jim Henson Muppet in the same  blog.


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