the idea of reinvention, or what people and butterflies have in common

Monarch Butterfly

People and butterflies have a lot in common  I suspect that if a person were to meet the child or adolescent that they once were on the street neither person would recognize the other.  Humans experience just as much change within their lives as butterflies. Our ideas and thoughts develop so many nuances during our lifetime that it may be difficult at times to see how a person got to their current position in life.  I am struggling to figure that out for myself at the moment, a quarter life crisis, I suppose you could call it.I did not realize this was an actual term but apparently it is real enough that Wikipedia has an article on it.  Although even they admit it is not their best entry, read at your own risk.

I cannot change the bulk of my situation right now so instead of focusing on the things which seem right now to be insurmountable I have decided to focus on the smaller details which I can influence more immediately.  My bike ships tomorrow so it should be here next Tuesday at the latest taking into account the impending Labor Day holiday.  As well as  getting the bike and the miniature horse (which I am going to have to wait another week on while all the stupid paperwork gets filed ) I’m also planning  on refurnishing my bedroom a piece at a time because I have had the current stuff since I was 13 and I didn’t even get to pick it out then.  I’m doing this with the idea that it I change enough small things eventually the big things will change as well.  I hope I’m right anyway, in the meantime there is hope in the butterfly.


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