5 things I wouldn’t miss…..

Post inspired by a prompt  found here:http://www.nablopomo.com/ There are many things I'd miss if my house caught on fire, here are the five things I wouldn't lose sleep over, in no particular order. The carpeting: I hate the carper in this house.It started as a nondescript grayish tone and now after almost a decade of... Continue Reading →

sometimes you just have to stop running….

Sometimes the hardest truth to face are the ones that appeared to come out of left-field. Yesterday I ran into someone I have known since I was four and last saw when I was twelve. A lot of things gave changed, he has short hair now for one....for two he's getting married. I've told myself... Continue Reading →

an open letter…

Note: this letter is written to all able-bodied people from the perspective a 25 year-old disabled woman, namely me.  The opinions in this letter are mine and should not be used to make blanket assumptions about the disabled community in general, though I wouldn't be surprised to find that a lot of disabled people would... Continue Reading →

why I hate the word “maybe”

I have come to realize  that I dislike the word maybe immensely.That word implies the possibility of failure and disappointment.  I have lost count of how many times people have put that qualifier  on to things that I  am  excited about.  When they discover my aspirations instead of saying "well of course you can, even... Continue Reading →

a blog of many questions

Recently I had two very interesting questions asked of me. What do I really want out  of life? The second question seems even more impossible for me to answer, what can I contribute to the world that no one else can ? I have no idea how to answer either question and that  scares me... Continue Reading →

better late than never

I got my first bike today. I don't care that it is technically a handcycle which means I "pedal" with my arms.  It bothers me a little bit that I'm having some trouble with it at first mostly because that mean my arms are a little weaker than I had believed. I have to remind... Continue Reading →

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