better late than never

A competition handcycle
Image via Wikipedia

I got my first bike today. I don’t care that it is technically a handcycle which means I “pedal” with my arms.  It bothers me a little bit that I’m having some trouble with it at first mostly because that mean my arms are a little weaker than I had believed. I have to remind myself that the last time I got to play with one I was may be a hundred pounds soaking wet if I was lucky, not 130 give or take. That  in the picture isn’t mine but this way you have the general idea of what it looks like.  The bike in the picture was built specifically for competition, think along the lines of the Tour de France, although  I have yet to hear of a disabled person entering or of an equivalent race specifically for the disabled. My fingers are missing a little bit of skin where the one closest to it rubbed against the chain housing but it is nothing  a pair of bicycle gloves won’t fix.  The other problems I had I  blame largely on uneven ground and the fact that my arms are not used to that kind of  workout yet.  I will get better though you  can bet on that.


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