5 things I wouldn’t miss…..

A hundred-year-old closet.
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Post inspired by a prompt  found here:http://www.nablopomo.com/

There are many things I’d miss if my house caught on fire, here are the five things I wouldn’t lose sleep over, in no particular order.

  1. The carpeting: I hate the carper in this house.It started as a nondescript grayish tone and now after almost a decade of wear I can’t even think how to describe it. I would much prefer hardwood floors.
  2. All the things that other people have stored in my family’s garage: Some of the stuff down there doesn’t even belong to anybody in my extended family! Really people I know my mom is a good person but a storage unit is NOT THAT expensive. Plus the units are guaranteed not to have spiders etc.  a claim my garage cannot make in good faith especially in winter, when  everything wants out of the cold.
  3. My uncle,well maybe just my uncle’s things: perhaps then he would get the idea that my room is not a storage unit, see bold portion of above statement in which the cost of a unit is referenced.
  4. My manual wheelchair: I should note that I am not talking about the wheelchair I use everyday. I’m talking about the hospital  chair that I  use when I can’t transport  my battery powered chair. After a few hours that manual is awful.
  5. My closet, or rather the things in it: My sister stored a lot of things in the top of my closet during one  of her various movies, she said it was temporary. the boxes are still here except on the floor of my closet instead of on the shelf because the added weight of her boxes caused the shelves to fall which then brought down the closet rod with it. The closet has yet to be repaired.

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